What Types Of Commercial Transport Trucks Are There & How Are They Classified?
Commercial transport trucks are bought with truck finance Sydney and are used to transport cargo and materials from one place to another, usually across great distances and in large quantity. There are a couple of different kinds of trucks that are used for specific transportation purposes. Typically, these trucks tend to be much larger than any other type of vehicle on the road and usually only one or a maximum of two passengers can sit beside the driver in the truck cabin. Trucks that are used for transportation purposes are classified on the basis of the amount of weight they can carry and the way they are built.

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Light Trucks
The smallest types of trucks are light trucks, which are used to deliver or transport only small cargo, typically within the city. This category even includes traditional pickup trucks. However, the category of light trucks may also include smaller parcel delivery trucks as well, so they can also be regarded as commercial transport trucks. Trucks that fall into the light truck category are classified based on their GVWR of up to 14,000 pounds, which is their gross vehicle weight rating.

Medium Trucks
The category of medium trucks includes numerous trucks and other vehicles. For instance, this category even includes ambulances and garage trucks. However, when it comes to medium commercial transport trucks, a majority of them are one-piece cargo or delivery trucks that have a large cargo space. Medium trucks have a GVWR somewhere between 14,000 pounds and 33,000 pounds.

Large Trucks
Typically, large trucks are semi-trailer trucks. However, this category may include any truck or other vehicle having a GVWR of over 33,000 pounds. Most of this category consists of large cargo or delivery trucks that have a split axle or tandem axle setup and are used for the transportation of long haul cargo. These types of trucks can only be driven by qualified drivers who hold the highest level of commercial driving license that a state has to offer.

Oversized Load Trucks
Oversized, or wide, load trucks are perhaps the largest transport trucks that can ever be seen on a road. Usually, their excessively large size is indicated by flashing lights and yellow signage. Large construction elements, prebuilt homes and other cargo that is too heavy to be carried in any other types of trucks are transported in oversized load trucks. Special permits are required for these trucks and usually, they are accompanied by extra vehicles that drive in the back and front of the truck.

Axle Classification
Apart from the fact that commercial cargo or delivery trucks are classified by weight, often they are also classified on the basis of the number of axels they are equipped with. Trucks are classified by axle by the Federal Highway Administration. The very first category of trucks classified by axle is the one that comprises of trucks with one unit along with six tires and two axles. Perhaps the final category is the one consisting of multi-trailer trucks that have seven or more axles. All the trucks that fall in between are classified accordingly, on the basis of whether they are multi- or single-unit trucks, and the number of axles.

Being aware of the types of commercial transport trucks that are currently available can help decided which ones are the ideal choices for a particular cargo load.